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Area Agencies for Developmental Services

Region 1 - North Country

Northern Human Services
87 Washington Street
Conway, NH 03818
(603) 447-3347
Chief Executive Officer:
Dennis MacKay, MSW
Family Support Council Chair:
Jennifer Pineo, 63-616-7170
Family Support Coordinators:
Stacy Bilodeau,752-1005 0r 636-2555 (Coos)
Shannon Smith, 837-9547
(Upper Grafton)
ssmith@northernhs.orgKaren Nelson, 356-6921(Carroll County)
Family Centered Early Supports and Services:
Rochelle Hickmott-Mulkern, 662-2233

Region 2 - Lower Grafton and Sullivan County

Pathways of the River Valley
Admistrative Office654 Main StreetClaremont, NH 03743542-8706 or 448-2077Executive Director:
Mark Mills, 504-1517
Family Support Council Chair:
Jack McClay, 863-3043
jackmclay@ymail.comFamily Support Coordinator:
Cory Shompe, 443-4107
Family Centered Early Suports an Servies:
Heather Murphy Hicks, 504-1520
Respite Coordinator:
Kristin LaRocque, 504-1538

Region 3 - Lakes Region

Lakes Region Community Services
719 North Main StreetLaconia, NH 03246
(603) 524-8811
President & CEO:
Rebecca Bryant, 524-8811,
Family Support Council Chair:
Lynn Hilbrunner,
Executive Vice President - Individual and Family
Shannon Kelly, 581-1502,
Vice President – Resource Coordination:
Robert Landry 581-7994
Director-Family Resource & Autism Centers of Central New Hampshire
Erin Pettengill 581-1571
Home Assist – Elder Services
Darlene Bolduc, Coordinator 581-1516
Family-to-Family Coordinator:
Kaitlin Levesque, 581-1558,
Benefits Administrator:
Lisa Richardson, 581-1513,

Region 4 - Capitol District

Community Bridges
2 Whitney Road
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 225-4153
Executive Director:
Roy Gerstenburger, 225-4153 ext. 239
Family Support Council Chair:
Vicki Therrien
Director of Family Support:
Brb Drotos, 225-4153 ext. 226
Family Centered Early Supports and Services:
Respite Coordinator:
Jo Edwards, 225-4153

Region 5 - Monadnock Region

Monadnock Developmental Services
121 Railroad Street
Keene, NH 03431
(603) 352-1304
Executive Director:
Alan Green, 352-1304
Family Support Council Co-Chairs:
Linda Phelps
Steven Nelson
Family Support Coordinator:
Lynn Yeiter, 352-1304
Benefits Technician:
Piper Reason, 352-1304
Carol Brown, 352-1304

Region 6 - Nashua

Gateways Community Services
144 Canal St
Nashua, NH 03064
(603) 882-6333
Sandra Pelletier, 882-6333
Family Support Council Chair:
Eric Shaffer, 881-1720
Family Support Coordinator:
Nzenalu Obinelo, 459-2749
Family Centered Early Supports and Services:
Nanacy Lucci,603-459-2773
Gatewways Therapy Services Intake Admin: 603-459-2765

Region 7 - Manchester

Moore Center Services
195 McGregor Street, Unit 400
Manchester, NH 03102
President and CEO:
Paul Boynton, 668-5423
Vice President for Individual & Family Support
Maureen Rose-Julian,
Early Supports and Services Coordinator:
Paula Roberts,
Family Centered Early Supports and Services
Elizabeth Warner (Intake Coordinator), 206-2732
elizabeth.warner@moorecenter.orgRespite Coordinator:
Vicki Pepper, 206-2879
Family Support Council Chair:Pam McDonald,

Region 8 - Seacoast

One Sky Community Services
755 Banfield Road Suite #3
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 436-6111
Executive Director:
Bob James, ext. 103
Director of Service Coordination:Karen McLaughlin, ext. 135
Director of Family Support Coordinator:
Lenore Sciuto, ext. 107
Respite Coordinator:
Jolyn Janelle, ext. 158
Acting Director of One Sky Futures:
Martha Bonneau, ext. 125
Intake Coordinator Over Age Three:
Eliza Hobson, ext. 115
Intake Coordinator Under Age Three:
Shannon Smith, ext. 134

Region 9 - Strafford County

Community Partners
Forum Court
113 Crosby Road
Dover, NH 03820
(603) 516-9300
Executive Director:
Brian Collins, 516-9300
Family Advisory Council Chair:
Karen Salter, 692-2088
Partners in Health Council Chair:
Loretta McGrail
Family Centered Early Supports and Services:
Suzanne Iverson, 516-9300
Director of Family Support:
Deirdre Watson, 516-9300
Parent to Parent:
Betsy Carroll, 516-9300
Tansition Coordinator:
Hugh Philbrick, 516-9300
In Home Supports:
Marcia Flinkstrom, 516-9300
Respite Coordinator:
Marieke Kat

Region 10 - Atkinson/Salem

Community Crossroads
8 Commerce Drive
Atkinson, NH 03811
Denni Powers, 893-1299 ext. 315
Area Agency Director:
Cynthia Mahar, 893-1299 ext. 341
Director of Community Services (incuding FS and Adult Services):
Kelly Judson, 893-1299 ext. 331
Legislative Liaison:
Jennifer Bertrand, 603-930-1235
Respite Coordinator:
Anita Trudel, 893-1299 ext. 334
Family Centered Early Supports and Services:
Tammy Dudal, 893-1299 ext. 326
Benefits Coordinator:
Deanna Johnson, 893-1299 ext. 323
Family Support Council Chair:
Robin Knight, 893-1299

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